The Masked Hunt so far. Been thinking about how to field these guys in KillTeam. What do you think? Option 1: Nids. Hawk and Hounds as Warriors, beaters as Genestealers, but then what about the Master of the Hunt, and the Huntsmen I still want to build? Opt2: necrons. Hawk and beaters as flayed ones (weird to have different models for the same option), Hounds as Immortals and Huntsmen as Deathmarks. Opt3 Skitarii. Hawk as infiltrator princeps, hounds as infiltrators (doesnt really match the weapons they carry), beaters as ruststalkers and Huntsmen as Ranger Gunners.
None of these options matches very well. Any ideas? Drukhari? Aeldar? #squadgoals #killteam #grimdark #kitbash #blanchitsu #adeptusmechanicus #darkmechanicus

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