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“Terms and Conditions”

I’ve been making miniatures on a commission basis for quite a while now, and there’s some things that come up from time to time. I try to be open and transparent about these things, so I will place them all here just to make sure I don’t forget anything!

Please don’t let these scare you away! Once the build starts going I’ve had nothing but good collaborations with customers so far. It’s just some things I want to get out of the way before we start. By buying a commission piece from me, you agree with the conditions below. So, here we go!

Refunds and returns

As a one-person company I can’t do refunds or returns. Building and packaging miniatures is time-intensive, shipping them with insurance costly. I always check with you if everything is according to wishes before I ship anything.

Social Media

All my work goes onto my social media feeds. This is the main way I can get customers, putting up in-progress and finished product photo’s is what gets people interested in my work. I will never mention your name or the price we agreed unless you specifically ask me to.


I always ask for a downpayment before I start working on a project. This is to get me set up with materials to use. I will discuss the amount with you before I start. The downpayment is non-refundable, as the materials are non-returnable as well.

Work process

While working on the project I will regularly share images and videos of the progress with you. These are likely to be the same images that I share through social media. When I share these with you, feel free to give comments and feedback. I will take these into account throughout the process.


I always send my miniatures insured through the Dutch mail company PostNL.

Customs and extra costs

I ship my miniatures from The Netherlands. If you live inside the European Union , all taxes will have been paid and the package will arrive at your doorstep normally. If you live outside the European Union, the package will go through customs. Customs might incur extra costs to you directly. I have no control over this process, and any extra costs are for you, the receiving party.


Don’t get scared by the first few images I send you! These are sketches and can be very rough :). Parts are stuck together with big blobs of white sticky putty, just to get the pose and components right.

From first sketch…

…to finished product