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The Relic

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This model is for sale through my Etsy store!

“It is unknown for how long the relic was floating across the Scrapped Plains before it was found by Two. It’s origins have been heavily speculated and debated by the Brotherhood of the Forge. No matter how old it is or what it was originally built for, it’s current purpose is obvious to all who encounter it.”

Miniature diorama built from the 2021 Warhammer+ miniature and heaps of mechanical bits. I was trying to go for a bit of a Mad Max / GrimDark atmosphere for this one.

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Mark-143, usually referred to as One, was found in a derelict cargo hauler on the Scrapped Plains. He lived in the main hold of the ship, where he was surrounded by seven defunct Ambots set up as idols in a semicircle. He was convinced he could communicate with them when wearing one of the Ambot heads that had come loose. After being inducted in the Cult and realizing his devotion was intended for the Omnissiah directly he quickly rose through the ranks and became one of the most pious devotees to the Machine God. He still wears the helmet, claiming it gives him powerful visions while traveling the Plains.

Seth-241, also known as ‘Two’, was the one who discovered the Relic as it floated across the Scraps. Thinking he was being visited by the Great Omnissiah he took it upon himself to guide it along the plains. When he encountered the relic it was floating near a decrepit android. Convinced that the relic was indicating the head of the fallen robot, Two took this as a sign and has worn that head as a helmet ever since.