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The Masked Hunt

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Complete Warhammer 40.000 Kill Team. Inspired by the Seven of Imperium card from the Dark Millennium deck illustrated by John Blanche.

The Kill Team consists of seven miniatures:
-The Hawk (counts as Ruststalker)
-The Master of the Hunt (Infiltrator)
-Two Beaters (Fulgurite  priests)
-Two Hounds (Corpuscarii priests)
-The Huntsman (Ranger with Arquebus)

Background story: Every 41 years the ruling family of Hipaeron-Drie is obliged to send their eldest daughter on the Masked Hunt. In a ritual called the Sighting she receives the Wings of the Hawk, which she cannot remove until the hunt is complete. Together with her Master of the Hunt she determines her prey through use of the Imperial Tarot and gathers a hunting party. Once set loose, the hunt cannot end before the prey has been caught, or the hunting party has been destroyed.

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Work in Progress

These images are posted in chronological order of the story, not the chronological order of the building progress! 🙂