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The Eternity Gate (diorama)

30x30x40cm Warhammer 40k diorama based on the legendary illustration of John Blanche: The Eternity Gate.

Feel free to use these images, as long as you refer back to my page here, or Instagram or Twitter accounts!

This diorama is 6mm scale (1:300, close to z-scale trains), with components from Warhammer 40.000, Age of Sigmar, Adeptus Titanicus, Vanguard and Onslaught and lots of plasticard

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White Dwarf!

White Dwarf!

The Gate got featured in White Dwarf 495, the December 2020 issue, on page 9!

28 Mag

28 Mag

Massive feature in 28 Mag volume 3, page 12!


Hang out and Hobby

The Gate got mentioned in the Hang Out and Hobby stream of April 1st! Around the 1:59 mark.

More Words on the process (There are lots, so click here to expand)

You know the illustration, right? If you’ve played 40k for some time you must have stumbled across this one at some point. I first saw it when I cracked open my brand new 3rd edition rulebook. The illustrations on the first pages were ordered in such a way that you would make the pilgrimage to the Emperor on his golden throne, with the Eternity Gate being the first thing you came across. I have stared at it for many hours. I really love the characters that Blanche draws, but his scenes really are something else. The sheer enormity of the stuff he draws is so impressive. That drawing of the Eternity Gate pretty much sums up 40k for me: dark, gothic, baroque, oppressive. Together with the Dark Templars piece from the front of 3rd ed box and rulebook, that door defined my view of the galaxy in the year 40.000.

Questions I got asked the most while posting on Social Media:
“Why do you have two Knights there? Aren’t they supposed to be Warhound/Reaver/Warlord/Megatron/Megazord?” Well, mainly because the Blanche piece has no titans in it whatsoever. Different fluff sources have different titans near these gates, with Warhounds being cited the most if I listen to Instagram. I thought having titans there would detract from the door itself, which is why I decided in the end to leave them out entirely. Fluff wise my answer is: Only so few people have actually seen these doors that all accounts are myth and legend, with every story being changed and made grander as it passes through the Empire. This is my personal interpretation of that myth.

“Is that gold leaf on the door?” Believe it or not, it’s just paint! Vallejo Game Color Glorious Gold 72.056. The lighting in these photo’s helps a lot as well.

“Where did you get those tiny people?” GW no longer produces 6mm figures (besides the awesome and wonderful Adeptus Titanicus of course) and I didn’t like the detailing of the original Epic figures enough for this build. So I started looking around and found the fantastic Vanguard and Onslaugt 6mm ranges, which suited my needs. Sculpts and casts are great, highly recommended! You can find them on

“How many flags are there exactly?” & “How many hours did you spend on the flags?” -HA!

Work in Progress

Here you can see the building progress as the diorama comes together.