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Rogue Trader Khar Ya’gha on Royal Steed

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Combination of an Armiger Helverin, the Adeptus Titanicus Spires kit and a rogue trader. I love the ancient Imperator Titan concept, this is a re-imagining of that idea.

Khar Ya’gha, current ruler of the Rogue Trader house Ya’gha. The lineage of the house is said to trace directly back to a forgotton empire on ancient Terra. The enigmatic Khar has re-instated the use of the ‘The Cottage’, a heavily modified Armiger Helverin which until recently was kept mainly as decoration on the House homeworld of Leshy II. Khar uses the imposing platform to oversee planetside operations and to support his armed forces from the rear guard when neccesary.

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These images are posted in chronological order of the story, not the chronological order of the building progress! 🙂