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Necron Chronomancer

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Custom Necron Chronomancer. I love the tentacles, the cubes and the expanding cube on the original Chronomancer model, but I wanded to expand on those things a bit. I used the plastic Necron Overlord model as base because I love that scythe and the orb was a good starting point for the cube.

Chronomancer Nassor-em-Djedi of the Szarekhan dynasty. The Grand Astromancer of the Psusera void. The bearer of the Obsidian Scythe. As skilled in weaving the strands of time as he is in severing the strands of life.

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The model is held upright by a thick metal wire inside the spine-tail, which is made from greenstuff and stamped with a small pin. The other idea that based this design is the old atomic model drawings, with the electrons flying around the nucleus with the circular tails behind them. The original chronomancer holds the cubes suspended in a rack on his back, I thought it would be neat to have them orbiting the chronomancer. The model is painted in the Szarekhan Dynasty color scheme.


Moving Pictures

Short rotation video


Chronomancer making rounds!

Warhammer Community roundup of March 31st featured this guy, find it here.

HobbyTimeAtHealys discussed him during their Sunday Hobby Hangout at 3:14. Check it out here.


Work in Progress

These images are posted in chronological order of the build