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More Iron Hands!

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Expansion to the previous Iron Hands strike team. Consisting of three dreadnoughts (Librarian, Captain and Chaplain) and four Techmarines including Iron Father Kardan Stronos. The Librarian dreadnought started out as a ‘regular’ Iron Hands dreadnought but during the build it started to look more and more like a Grey Knight machine. In the end I painted it as an Grey Knights dreadnought with a Iron Hands icon on his left shoulder to show he is detached to the Iron Hands Chapter.

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Librarian Dreadnought – Knight-Brother Jahon of the Grey Knights chapter is interred in an ancient suit of Dreadnought armour constructed around the 31st millennium. Its designs are said to be based on the same technology as the Golden Throne, and being a life-sustaining machine specifically designed for the most powerful psykers it might even have been a precursor to it. During the events of the Great Rift, Jahon was detached to an Iron Hands strike team in order to deal with a deamonic outbreak. This turned out to be mutually beneficial as the Iron Fathers were able to maintain the suit to a much higher standard than the Grey Knights chapter could during deployment.

Captain Dreadnought – Iron Captain Atticus was an expert siege strategist before his entire company was wiped out at the Breach of the Seventh Wall by an erroneous orbital strike by friendly forces. Only his head and part of his upper torso were recovered and immediately confined within a dreadnought sarcophagus. His combat frame is fully geared toward siege combat, so that next to bringing the strategic acumen, he is now also his own siege engine.

Chaplain Dreadnought
– Iron Chaplain Morn of the Iron Hands chapter suffered near-fatal injury in M38. He successfully defended Shrine 12 from the assault by the Unnamed 729 during the Red Fasting while cut off from any support. His severely mangled body was recovered afterwards, the shrine still untouched by the heretics. While he could no longer serve as a full battle brother, he continues to this day to deliver his powerful oratory using the vox caster of his experimental dreadnought chassis.