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Eternal Guardian

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Warhammer Adeptus Titanicus converted Warlord-class titan.

This conversion is based on the concept of the old Imperator class titan, which I like a lot. The original model is too blocky for my taste however, I wanted to make something that looks more integrated and part of the titan’s superstructure.

It builds on the work I did for the Walking Castle, making use of the same Adeptus Titanicus Spires kit.

The model is 6 mm scale and measures 21cm in height. Both arms are magnetized, so that weapons can be switched out.

Shoulder mounted weapons are fixed in place, the Apocalypse Missile launchers are represented by the organ on the left shoulder and the spire on the right shoulder.

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Aeterni Custos, Signifer Viventium Sancti

Eternal Guardian, Bearer of the Living Saint

The Benefatius crusade was called to relieve the Traiectum system from the rule of arch-heretic Godebald IX. Fighting was most intense on the Cardinal world of Trecht-prime, where the Living Saint was grievously wounded during the first siege of the city cathedral.

The Warlord-class titan Throne Eternal was nearly destroyed by the titanic cathedral guns when it stood guard over her while holding for reinforcements.

As the Cardinal world did not possess the necessary titan-forges to fully rebuild a Warlord, the titan was refitted with remains of razed cathedrals. In honour of its deeds it was baptised Eternal Guardian, Bearer of the Living Saint.

The Living Saint continued to use the titan as her honour guard and during the rest of the crusade. The crusade reached a decisive turning point when the Eternal Guardian picked up the saint, smashed his fist through the 20ft thick adamantium walls of the Dom Spire and delivered the Saint straight to the quarters of Godebald who then received the Emperor’s Judgement from the Saint herself.

This thing just got featured on Hang out and Hobby! 

This thing just got featured on Hang out and Hobby!

Had some fun with my recent walking churches

Work in Progress

Here you can see the building in progress