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The Catechism of the Autoculus of Mars

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Seven miniatures based on the John Blanche piece ‘The Catechism of the Autoculus of Mars’.

I picked seven characters (well, 8 actually if you count the Twins as two separate individuals, which I don’t 🙂 ) from the artwork that struck me the most, which is that strange flying biomechanical monster, the Dominus, the madman with the skull relic and the two scribes near the bottom. I couldn’t resist adding the skull as well, which main component is the skull-claw from the industrial terrain sets.

The other pieces are built using the Necromunda Cawdor kit and the Skitarii Rangers kit, and a LOT of greenstuff rolled into cables (you can find a tutorial here).

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Featured on Warhammer Community!

This lovely bunch was featured on the Warhammer Community page! You can read about the building process and inspiration for these pieces over there.


Side-by-side comparison of the miniatures next to the original artworks.

The lady dominus/assassin is actually based on a different Blanche piece, which is not part of the Autoculus artwork.

Moving pictures

Assassin rotation GIF
Dominus rotating GIF
The Autoculus rotating GIF
The Twins rotating GIF

Work in Progress

These images are posted in roughly chronological order.