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Blanche Templars

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Complete Warhammer 40k killteam consisting of seven Black Templars (four marines, one terminator, two servitors). Based on the fantastic WH40k 3rd edition box art by John Blanche. I tried to re-create some of the great characters that feature on the front of the rulebook and the battle box of 3rd edition, which was a big part of my youth. So this is a giant trip down memory lane! I used a combination of Primaris and classic marine parts to match the artwork while emphasizing the size difference between the servitors and the marines.

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Artwork side-by-sides

I made some side-by-side comparison images so that you can see the inspiration and the resulting Marine šŸ™‚


These guys were featured in a couple of places!

First feature was in the Hangout and Hobby here (around 48:28)

Honorable mention in the July Painting Competition on the Warhammer Community Website

Community Competition July

Moving Pictures

I made a quick tutorial on how to create the black armour using Contrast paints.

And another one on how to paint the orange scorched earth bases

Work in Progress

These images are posted in chronological order of the story, not the chronological order of the building progress! šŸ™‚