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Apothecary Dreadnought

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Custom Leviathan dreadnought meant to represent an Apothecary Dreadnought.

“Emperor’s Children apothecary dreadnought. A rare, heavily modified and customized Leviathan chassis from the Heresy era.
After being interred into a dreadnought sarcophagus, brother Theon remained part of the Emperor’s Children apothecarion. His Leviathan chassis was modified to suit this new duty. On the battlefield he is able to power deep into contested territories and secure high-priority casualties that can’t be saved by the other apothecaries. The injured is hoisted by the apothecarion into the medbay fitted into the left arm and carried back to base. The injuries of these salvaged warriors are most often so grievous that they will be interred into their own sarcophagus to continue service to the chapter.”

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Emperor's Children Apothecary Dreadnought
Emperor's Children Apothecary Dreadnought

Work in Progress

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