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The Mechanicum Torque

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Set of three pieces: The Mechanicum Torque (Relic bearer), a Magos Dominus and a banner bearer.

This project is a bit of a continuation/sequel to the Autoculus.

The Mechanicum Torque is a combination of a couple of things: The Mechanical Turk, a mechanical fortune teller (like Zoltar from Big) and the Dutch street organs. In the video below I talk about how these things came together in this crazy build. AdMech is so much fun to play around with!

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The Mechanicum Torque. Holy relic from the Dark Age of Technology, this apparatus is a direct expression of the Motive Force of the Omnissiah. It interprets the movements of the celestial gears and predicts the flow of fates through a mystical game that only the apparatus itself truly understands.
Genetor Vespertilio currently accompanies the procession of the Mechanicum Torque, of which the route and final goal are unknown. Each next destination is revealed by the play, which consists of twelve sets of twelve semi-decks each. The final card will reveal the true goal of the procession. Current estimates are that the final card will be drawn in 76,965.276 standard hours, at an unknown location most likely in the Segmentum Solar.

Genetor Vespertilio, Archivist Obsequitor. Their body is slowly degrading due to an incurable infection with a biodigital parasite encountered on Dimnazu-Prime. Their only hope for survival is the body that is growing in the tank that the Genetor permanently carries around. Vespertilio escorts the Mechanicum Torque on its travels as it has divined that the secret to the final transfer of consciousness will be revealed along the way.

The priest with the banner is one of the nameless many that follow in the procession of the Machanicum Torque. Whether he has joined to celebrate the glory of the Omnissiah, for personal enlightenment or material gains is neither known nor relevant. The device he carries is part of the Mechanicum Torque’s retinue and while it has been adorned with a banner it actually seems to be part of the Relic’s working. The exact workings, or whether it even still currently functions is uncertain.

Moving Pictures

Work in Progress

These images are posted in chronological order of the build