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Hardware projects

Custom Controller voor LUFTRAUSERS

Custom Controller for Vlambeer’s fantastic Luftrausers.

Case was built from various components. The color is a combination of spraypaint and hand painted details.

Arcadesticks and buttons are connected to the main board from an old USB controller.

GBA Zero

Raspberry Pi Zero running RetroPi in a Gameboy Advance case with an Adafruit TFT-screen.

Elektronics and casemod.

Sega MegaPive 3

Raspberry Pi 3 built into an old Sega Megadrive.

Cartridges contain USB drives that have been loaded with the OS that the Pi boots from. Old-school cartridge swapping means selecting OS’s (no blowing required)

Two systems were re-routed: one USB connection to the cartridge slot (for booting the OS) and the other connected to the controller port on the front.

See a cartridge-swap in action: Youtube


Een old USB steering wheel re-purposed to a kids toy.

Buttons and force-feedback motors in the wheel are used and connected to an arduino. Built some extra LEDs and a Piezo for maximun noise annoyance.

The steering wheel in action: Youtube