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This work is Endorsed By Duncan!

1N0-M4D | Armiger Relic Bearer

Duncan Approved!

Display piece. Heavily converted Armiger Warglaive with open top-hatch and relic standard. Model is mounted on a scenic base in a glass dome.

The minor noble Sir Remont and his warglaive 1N0-M4D were part of a Adeptus Mechanicus exploration force. Upon landing, their destination was cut-off by a minor warpstorm and they were stranded for an extended period, during which various field repairs were made to the Armiger.
When exploring a large derelict complex the team recovered an unknown artefact that was exceedingly heavy for its size. The Armiger’s chain-cleaver was replaced with a purpose built arm for carrying the device.

For Sale EUR 695,-

Interested? Contact me at mikal@dehoofdwerker.nl.

Inquisitor Heimdall | Warhammer 40K Killteam

Warhammer 40.000 Killteam. Inquisitor Heimdall, his Space Marine bodyguard and requisitioned militia. Counts as Heretic Astartes and cultists.

“Inquisitor Heimdall requisitioned a local Redemptionist cult called the Rising Sun for his investigation of a reported uprising. Ever the opportunist, Heimdall incorporated the cult’s iconography in his own heraldry to inspire the cultists’ devotion. Icon of vengeance, two flamers, a lot of crummy weapons, dirty rags and of course a burning skull, favourite artifact of the shiny-but-still-grimdark Heimdall.

Complete KillTeam (100pts), consisting of:

  • Inquisitor Heimdall (Aspiring Champion)
  • Three Space Marines, with Flamer and Icon of Vengeance (Heretic Astartes)
  • Nine militia, with flamer, close combat weapons and stubbers (Cultists)
  • Killteam comes with info on background and selected loadout

For Sale EUR 245,-

Interested? Contact me at mikal@dehoofdwerker.nl.

Magos on walking Dais | Heavy walker

Adeptus Mechanicus Arch Magos on walking dais. Part scratch-built, part kitbashed miniature on 140mm oval base. For display or use in Warhammer 40.000.

For Sale EUR 395,-

Interested? Contact me at mikal@dehoofdwerker.nl.

Scout Dragon | Flyer

Adeptus Astartes Scout dragon. Part scratch-built, part kitbashed miniature on scenic base. For display or use in Warhammer 40.000. Space marine on 40mm base in images is for size comparison

For Sale EUR 495,-

Interested? Contact me at mikal@dehoofdwerker.nl.

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