I Stopped Using Exclamation Points and Lost All My Friends

I used to help my mom with her Facebook account. Our weekly tutorials were fraught, ending in either frustration (“No, Lydia, for the last time, you may not poke your father”) or metaphysical musings. Lees het volledige artikel hier

The Triumphant Rediscovery of the Biggest Bee on Earth

For security reasons, I can’t tell you exactly where Clay Bolt rediscovered Wallace’s giant bee. But I can tell you this. With a wingspan of two and a half inches, the goliath is four times bigger than a European honeybee. Lees het volledige artikel...

Is That Dagobah? No, Just a Real-Life Magical Forest

With its gnarled trees, moss-covered boulders, and misty ambience, Wistman’s Wood—a remnant of an ancient forest near Devon, England—has captured the imaginations of visitors for thousands of years, inspiring legends about druids and supernatural hellhounds....

What Happens When Techno-Utopians Actually Run a Country

On the night of Italy’s 2013 parliamentary elections, Paola Nugnes decided to stay late at her office and catch up on work. She skipped the rolling election coverage on TV. And by the time she finally left her architecture studio to go out, it was well past dark. Lees...

Photo Gallery: Science Lab Or Art Studio?

Founded in 1879, the prestigious Technical University of Berlin boasts an all-star faculty of 355 professors in fields ranging from electrical engineering to computer science to business management. Lees het volledige artikel hier

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